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VA & Military Independent Evaluations 

Whether it's the military requesting a quick turnaround for a mental health exam or the need for a second medical opinion I am ready to help! The VA will accept a disability benefits questionnaire (DBQ) from civilian psychologists, but it's important that the process is completed by an experienced professional. As a civilian psychologist, I have worked with QTC, VES and LHI, all subcontractors to the VA, performing psychological evaluations. Because I've conducted various psychological disability exams (e.g., post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders and other mental disorders) I understand VA terms and legal statements which must be included in reports in order to be more likely to be considered valid and less likely to be rejected. l have also submitted second medical opinions when an initial claim is rejected. Another perk - I am a Veteran who has gone through the process myself.

I have performed all of the following and more:

  • Medical Evaluation Board Psychiatric Narratives

  • Commander Directed Mental Health Evaluations

  • Sanity Boards

  • Security Clearance Psychological Interviews

  • Temporary Duty Retirement List Evaluations

  • VA Compensation and Pension Psych. Evals.

  • Second Medical Opinions

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Independent Psychological Evaluations

Mental Health professionals such as a licensed doctorate-level psychologist are qualified to perform initial and review C&P examinations for mental disorders. 

Give me a call to discuss your situation

Because I'm a retired Air Force psychologist, I believe in helping my fellow service members. That means that I'll talk to you about your situation and share my opinion about whether I think it's worth the time, money and effort to go forward with an independent evaluation. I've done this on a regular basis before scheduling anyone because I respect the service of every veteran.

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